Friday, April 30, 2010

Roomates, the Necessary (?) Evil

As a single twenty-something woman with a moderate income it's hard to justify shelling out a small fortune for a cramped studio (keyword "cozy" in most realtors' ads) when the option to take on roomates and split bills is so readily available and socially acceptable. There's someone to come home to. Someone to chat with. A second opnion on the outfit you're wearing or the guy you're seeing. On paper it seems logical. Sadly, as they say, the devil is in the details and it's the little inconveniences that seem to pile up and make me want to rent out one of those submersion tanks indefinitely. They eat your food, drink your wine and forget to pay their share of cable. They're too messy, or they're neat freaks and either way you spend way more time than than any sane person should worrying about a mug in the kitchen sink. I know I'm no picnic but I consider myself a relatively reasonable and level-headed individual and lately I've been shocked at how hard it is to find another like-minded person with which to co-habitate.

I think beyond the inconvenience of dealing with the domestic issues brought on by someone I have no emotional connection with is the frustration that I live in a world where this is, more or less, necessary. We live in a dual income society. Plainly put if I do not have a husband to shell out half the rent, I have to find randos or else wave goodbye to my savings account which my frugal mind simply can't accept. Hello Rock, have you met my friend Hard Place? RA's should have pulled us aside and warned us about this predicament during freshman orientation. "All the girls who plan on staying single after college, form a line over here and make sure you buddy up with each other because you're screwed out of a roomate when your other friends marry young." A heads up would have been nice. I'm not saying I begrudge my wedded friends, I'm just saying this whole pairing off thing seems to be working against me and I wish the system was a little easier to maneuver.

In the fall I will likely bite the bullet and rent a "spacious" studio or a one bedroom apartment. It will be smaller, more expensive and I'll have to down trade to basic cable but at least I'll know the bills are paid on time and the only mug in the sink is mine.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In the Beginning...

... there was a girl who got all blog happy and decided to start two blogs at once. One for her crusade against malnutrition in America ( And one for, well... everything else.

So welcome to my personal blog, friends, family, and people that have really boring jobs but no internet resitrictions.

On a scale of 1-10 I'd say the interest level of my life is about a 4 but lately I've been really busy and I've got a few moderately interesting adventures coming up that I want to be able to share with everyone, but don't have the time or the minutes on my cell phone plan to call y'all up and give an update. I thought this would be a good way to keep everyone in the loop. So, stay tuned...cause interesting stuff is coming...soonish.