Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Brunch

Brunch might be my favorite meal to enjoy out and about in this town. Partly because you can find cheap eats in an otherwise very pricy environment (Masa on Tremont is my favorite) partly because I can justify the big meal because it's one of only two, and partly because Bostonians do brunch so very well.

The South End is the place to be of a Saturday or Sunday late morning/early afternoon. The socialites of the city are dressed down but not dressed poorly. Boat shoes and khakis replace suits. Sandals replace stillettos, and everyone's hair is let down. So, it's casual, but it's still Boston, it still has class.

Whether it be french, spanish or classic American, eggs taste better when enjoyed with linens. Grapefruit juice seems fresher in a champagne glass and a freshly baked cinnamon roll smells sweeter with the clinking of other patrons' silverware and the bustle of the sidewalk playing in the background. Brunch in this town is decadent and boisterous. The twenty and thirty somethings recap their previous night's excursions. The forty and fifty somethings recap the previous week on the stock market. The sixty and seventy somethings enjoy private conversations in corner booths but all come for good food, great conversation and a fabulous environment.

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