Thursday, July 1, 2010

Update on the Automobile

So, I don't have pictures of my actual car as it is currently sitting in my family's driveway far far away from the streets of South Boston where cars get banged, dented, broken into and generally eaten by the pothole infested terrain and hooliganery (not a word? it is now) of the neighborhood. But this is what it looks like. She's cute right? Definitely not the BMW I was hoping for but I had to make something about this move responsible and practical.

Just this morning on the Today show there was a segment about living "below your means". Something Americans aren't particularly good at. Frugal families were polled and one of the common budgetary restrictions was purchasing vehicles with manual transmissions. Apparently you can save approximately $30,000 over the lifespan of the vehicle in both fuel economy and reduced cost in repairs. Whatever stress I had regarding learning how to drive stick has been washed away with visions of European trips, designer handbags and four star meals I'm going to be able to afford all because of a few manipulable gears.

I have not as yet come up with a name for my car. Suggestions anyone???

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  1. Hey now! As Andrew proved on our visit to Southie, you can leave your car packed w/ your belongings and the driver window all the way down and it's totally FINE! hahahahhahaha I still can't believe that happened and we didn't get everything stolen. Damn, what luck!