Sunday, September 26, 2010

First Days

I used to love first day of school. Of course it was sad to see summer end but if truth be told it was getting a bit boring. By Labor Day the weather started to turn, Nickelodeon programming went back to the preschool shows and my brothers were wearing thin on my nerves. The night before I'd line up my school supplies and lay out that first day outfit. Counting the number 2 pencils and 3 ring binders I reveled in the newness awaiting. I can still feel the weight of one hundred sheets of wide-ruled loose-leaf paper wrapped tight in shiny plastic. A fresh new start in a brand new classroom. A new desk. A new teacher. A new me. Of course the first day came and went and it was mostly the same as the year before but the possibilities were there, and seemingly endless.

Tomorrow starts the new job at "Bloggle" (yep, we're still calling it that). I'm excited about all the perks and the cool gadgets. The health insurance and the paycheck will be welcome as well. But, more than anything I'm looking forward to a fresh start and new possibilities.

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