Saturday, September 18, 2010

Quick Like a Band-Aid

I have vivid memories of myself as a child pulling slowly at the sticky mess formerly known as a Band-Aid, my mother assuring me it was time for it to come off. And I remember how much it hurt with each tug pulling just one teeny bit at a time. "Just pull it fast. It'll hurt less". First one brother and then the other insisting that quick was better, but my mind couldn't fathom how all those little pulls together could hurt less than one at a time. Of course eventually I learned. The mind doesn't have time to process each sting, nor anticipate the next. So has it been with the move west. It took over a month to say goodbye to a job, a city, a neighborhood, an apartment, colleagues, friends, and family. And just like the Band-Aid, each goodbye has stung exponentially more knowing there were so many behind it and so many more ahead. Today was the last pull as I said goodbye to one of my nearest and dearest friends who was kind enough to make the drive west with me. And while it was a difficult farewell, it feels good to know that that hardest part is finally over. And if I ever move again, I'll say my goodbyes quick, just like a Band-Aid.

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