Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fantastic Fashion Fads and Where I Fit In

… or don’t as the case may be

Earlier this week a friend and colleague of mine was sporting a fabulous jacket around the office. So fabulous, in fact that I struggled for an adjective. In an expectatious stance she waited as I fumbled for a descriptor:

Me: “That jacket is so…”
Her *Expectatious stance*
Me: “Umm… Colonial?”
Her: *bursts into laughter*” Gee thanks Lea.”

Here’s the deal, I’m not what you would consider fashion savvy. Ok, that’s being too nice. My wardrobe is somewhere below mid-western soccer mom but just slightly above bag lady… most of the time. I honestly didn’t understand the need for more than one coat until I moved to this city. (The style back home was called “KEEPS ME WARM”. Also known as “I can ski/skate/hunt deer in this” It was very in). Anyway, the move to Boston was an eye opener as to just how oblivious I was. “So you’re telling me a cotton t-shirt and jeans is NOT the only option? Cause I’m not shopping at JCPenny for stirrup pants. Wait wait wait, there is something BETTER than JCPenny? Ho-lee-COW “. Flash forward seven years and things really haven’t gotten a whole lot better. There have been marginal improvements but no vast change. I walk amongst my better dressed colleagues wishing I had a knack for style and fighting the urge to trip them in their oh-so-cute peep toe pumps. What? I said I FIGHT the urge. And while I haven’t really caught up with the attire, I’ve grown accustomed to it. It’s part of what makes this town and even though I’m not usually wearing it, the fact that it’s around me almost makes it part of me too.

So, back to the well-dressed colleague, it got me thinking about what my fashion future will be like in California. I’m currently interviewing at a company, we’ll call it Bloggle, and the attire there is ultra-casual. I’ve spent the last few years trying, however unsuccessfully, to NOT look like a ragamuffin, and these people are now telling me this is not only socially acceptable, but expected in the office. I don’t know what to make of this and I have a feeling another onset of culture shock is about to hit. As I tend to fail horribly at moderation, I have a feeling I’ll fall one way or the other off this fence. On the one hand, I can vie for best dressed in the office, an award I am never going to win in any other setting. On the other, I can dismiss everything urbanity has taught me and choose to become Jammies Girl (just short of bunny-suit-from-A-Christmas-Story-style). Each has its perks. Neither will meet the high standards of Boston and no matter what I’ll be wearing a constant reminder of the big bold move I chose to make. Stay tuned for the result. .
Pictured below is the jacket referenced. Please note it is an underly enthusiastic model, and not my friend, who is wearing it.

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  1. Meh to the jacket...

    As for fashion, I love me some clothes but I wouldn't really consider myself to be fashionable. The problem w/ fashion is that it goes through fads too quickly and then 6 months later you already look like an idiot in pictures you're looking at. I prefer to wear clothes that I know I'll love wearing and look great in 2 years from now. Classic stuff. Guess I'm not very "hip" which is always going to be fine by me.